Whenever I ‘Export Multiple’ to be saved and then Imported into iTunes, the album title that shows after the import into iTunes is “How Do You Like Me Now” - the very first album I edited using Audacity. I would like to clear the metadata file so that when I import into iTunes the album title and artist are blank. How can I clear all info that is stored in the default metadata template? I’ve tried deleting all data and then setting as default and then saving, b ut “How do You Like Me Now” persists showing up on every import into the iTunes library. Ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Press the “Clear” button in the Audacity Metadata Editor. .


I have elected to bypass the Metadata Editor when exporting multiple tracks to audio files , therefore pressing ‘CLEAR’ is not available. OLD metadata entries still show up when I import the audio folder into iTunes.

I have tried clearing all data for each track before exporting and when I do the next project, the same OLD metadata I previously ‘cleared’ is still there.

Where is this OLD (and wrong) metadata stored so I can clear all old data when exporting multiple tracks to audio files?

You can call up the Metadata Editor at any time from the File menu.
To clear the metadata, open the Metadata editor, press the “Clear” button, and then click the “OK” button.