Metadata - where does it go?!

I’m having a great time transferring vinyl to MP3s thanks to you Audacity guys! Now, how do I get all that metadata I’ve entered into my MP3 file info? It only comes up with “labels” that Windows specifies, if you understand me. All my inputting of writers, arranger, producer, etc are nowhere to be seen! Where can I view all the info? Anyone know? Probably something really simple and I’m just IT-ignorant!

You don’t say which version of Audacity you are using.

In 1.3 try File > Open Metadata Editor

in 1.2.x - no idea, I can’t find it …

Personally I never bother with metadata (apart from song/track names for Export Multiple) until my music files are exported from Audacity and imported into their target location - in my case in my iTunes library, where I use iTunes to edit the metadata


I’m using 1.3 - but just got an IPhone so I think Itunes is the way to go - many thanks, anyway! :smiley:

The metadata editor in 1.2 only pops up after the export dialogue.

ID3 tags are notoriously non-standard, so it is often best to use the tagging features in the software that you will be using. For an iPod, tagging in iTunes is most likely the way to go.