Metadata transfer incomplete when digitizing vinyl records

With previous versions of Audacity (for Mac), I could name each track of an album > export multiple > export > fill in artists name and album title > click “ok” for each track > finally, click “ok” in the window showing list of each aiff track, in the actual correct program/album order … and each file could be saved to a new folder, dragged to iTunes and played there, converted to AAC, etc.

Version 3.4 shows all the correct metadata before exporting, but the data does not follow the files as efficiently as in previous versions. The user has to re-enter all the data after the files are transferred to iTunes.

Hopefully this can be addressed before the next update.

When I digitzed my vinyl and tapes I never bothered with metadata in Audacity.

I always found iTunes much better for handling that - and still do …


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