Metadata template not saved

I open Audacity.
Without recording anything, or opening a file, I go to File>Open Metadata Editor
After altering the Fields (tags) I wish to to view, I click on Set Default.
I then click on Save.
In the Save dialog, I save as Tags.xml (~/.audacity-data/Tags.xml)
I click on Save again
In the Save dialog, I save as test.xml (~/.audacity-data/test.xml)
My file browser (Nautilus 3.4.2) identifies both as XML document.
Each file is shown as 8 bytes long, and in gEdit text editor, contents are shown as:

I changed permissions from the terminal (chmod 666 ~/.audacity-data/*.xml)
This does not improve things.
Since I have already pressed Set Default, I restart Audacity.
My alterations to the tag list have not been saved.
I would be grateful for any explanation or workaround.

What did you enter in what fields?

Please see “Information about this forum” (in pink at the top of the page):

For all help enquiries, please state which Linux distribution you are using and whether you installed Audacity from the repository or the source code.

Which three-digit version number of Audacity are you using (see Help > About Audacity)?

Have you read the Manual so you understand how templates and defaults work: ?

“Save” has no effect on the metadata contents unless you load a saved XMLfile.

“Set Defaults” has no effect on the contents if importing a file that already has its own metadata.

Compiling Audacity 2.0.3-alpha on Ubuntu 12.04, the tags in the XML file are saved and load correctly.