Metadata not clearing between projects

Hello everyone.
Mac OS 11.6.2 Big Sur
Audacity 3.1.3

I have a problem when exporting files to mp3 (in this case), which I do a lot of.
When exporting a new project and come to the metadata editor part of the process, the previous file’s metadata is shown - this despite my clearing the editor and choosing ‘Set as default’ previously. Whilst I appreciate that I can just click ‘Clear’ and proceed, if I get interrupted - often - I forget where I am at and have on occasion put the wrong metadata for the right file.
What I want to happen is for the metadata editor fields to be clear unless there is existing metadata.
I have searched for an answer, but in vain. Does anyone know, please, how this might be achieved.
Thanks in advance.

Close the project when you have finished with it.
“File menu > Close (Ctrl + W”)

You should then see a new empty project window, with the Metadata reset to default (empty, unless you have set something else as the default).

Thank you for your reply, that appears to do the trick nicely.

Is there a way or setting (I’ve not found one) that will keep Audacity on the screen when the project was closed instead of minimising to the dock; I appreciate this may be an OS thing rather than Audacity’s, and I suppose it’s really no big deal to click the icon, all the same it would be nice.

Yes it’s an OS thing - macOS only.
I rarely use macOS so I don’t know if there’s a way to keep Audacity on the screen after closing the project window. I’d guess there isn’t as all apps on macOS seem to do the same.

When you close the last project window (but don’t quit Audacity), Audacity puts up a minimal menu bar with Apple, Audacity, File, Window. Audacity is still “on the screen”. Clicking the dock icon in this condition opens a new empty project window and Audacity changes to the full menu bar. You could just a easily do File > New Project or Command+N.
This is standard behaviour for almost all programs on Mac. For example if you do this (close last window then click the dock icon) in TextEdit it puts up its “New Document or Open” dialog.
– Bill