Metadata for storing additional attributes

I have Audacity ver 2.0.5 running on Windows 7 Home Premium Ver 6.1 on my desk-top.
I am using Phillips AZ1852 to convert my old audio cassettes into MP3 files. I want to burn these files onto CDs and also store them on my computer. In the process I would like add certain extra information about these audio files which are typical for Indian music. During the export process I do add these details, but strangely later Windows does not show these attributes.
Does anybody know how to display these attributes when playing the MP3 file using Window Media player?

This is mentioned in the Release Notes:

Tags other than the seven default Metadata Editor tags will be rewritten as custom TXXX tags, which will cause them not to be seen in applications like Windows Media Player and iTunes.

So until Audacity addresses this, you’ll need to use a music player like Foobar2000 that shows TXXX tags.