metadata for different albums in one recording

audacity 2.0.5 and ubuntu 14.04

how can I edit the metadata for multiple albums recorded in one big recording?
i want to assign an artist for the first 2 hours and a different artist for the second 2 hours, for example.

at the moment i’m exporting all the tracks as Artist 1, deleting half, then exporting them again as Artist 2 and deleting half of them again!


The way I’d do it would be include only the metadata that is common to all tracks (if any), then export all of the files, then use EasyTAG or MP3Tag to tag the files.


so you can only have one metadata thingie per recording?

i’m not an experienced user of audio software (to say the least) so any common sense solutions don’t come easily to me :open_mouth:

One set of metadata per project (a “project” being, everything that’s in one Audacity window, which, when “saved”, creates one AUP (Audacity Project file) and one “_data” folder).

It would be difficult to manage more than one set of metadata: Imagine if you had two audio tracks in the project, each with its own metadata, and if you then cut and pasted half of one track onto the other, and half of the other track onto the first - what happens to the metadata? Of course, editing can be a lot more complex than that.