metadata default

I have just started digitizing my parents vinyl collection from the 50s and 60s. I am only on my second album.
When I export multiple files, it brings up the last album artist name, album name and genre name and I cannot get it to update the default. I have read the manual, the quick start guide and none of those suggestions work.

If I have to manually title each and every file a transfer, I too will be long dead and my kids will have to finish this project.

Any suggestions (I am using audacity 2.1.3.)

There may be ways to use Audacity more efficiently… I don’t know… I use [u]MP3tag[/u]. (It works with most audio file formats, not just MP3). With MP3tag you can optionally select all of the files in a folder so you only have to type-in the common information once. Then, you can type-in the song title & track number for each individual song (and the artist if it’s a various artist album).

…What can be really time consuming is the editing & any EQ, etc., and especially cleaning up the “snap”, “crackle”, and “pop” if you do any of it manually… anything that requires listening multiple times… And sometimes it’s hard to find the original release dates, especially with compilation & greatest hits albums.

I am looking for an answer too. It is a tremendous pain to have to type in the artist and album name on every track on a multi-export… A way to state these BEFORE export and have them plugged into metadata fome would be GREAT! I am going to pose that question and see what responses I get. As an experienced programmer I find it hard to believe no one has thought of this as a standard operation…

If you go to Edit/Metadata, then click Clear all the last session data is erased. Then you go into the Artist Name and Album Title fields and fill them out as you wish them to appear on your Export Multiple operation. If you’ve already labeled your tracks then you’re done! The values will be plugged in for you on all tracks.