Meta tags

I’m trying to add “composer” to the default metadata screen. I add a line, type in composer, add a value - it works for that particular recording. BUT
I want composer to come up by default.

I can’t save the template - either by overwriting tags.xml or saving as composer.xml.
Saving, load composer.xml - nothing -

what am I missing?

windows 7/ audacity v. 206

We don’t make a “206” version. If that is not a typo, make sure you have 2.0.6 from Audacity ® | Download for Windows.

It’s a known bug: - additional tags are not saved if they have an empty value. Click in the “Value” field for the Composer tag and press SPACE then it will save.

Note that loading a template does not persist after you close the project. If you always want Composer to show, load the saved template that has Composer, then press “Set Default”.