Meta: access question

I’m having a discussion on r/audacity about gaps, spaces, white space, silence, and the lack of agreement throughout the community on which of those topics means what—it’s a meta-discussion. This link:

points to the team’s own glossary here, but even though I have my password for this forum through, there’s no login field, no link, and no submission form for modifying the glossary’s page content to start the gaps discussion started or bookmarked.

Maybe it needs its own discussion on the forum, first. :wink:

Mods, please consider adding a “meta” tag to the optional tags’ listing. It’s got a “metadata” tag, but that’s programming related. I think a meta-level “meta” tag is what’s needed. Thanks!

so what’s happening here is that the manual is a static HTML page generated from a private mediawiki instance on The Alphamanual has been locked down to public contributions for a long time (turns out “unmoderated wiki from reputable site” is one of the juiciest targets for spammers imaginable) and recently got hidden from the public more generally as mediawiki is a hugely complex bit of software.

But it seems like in the process, the conversion doesn’t quite work out correctly, and some of the images that are supposed to be served from are still served from alphamanual, and now prompt the authentification message. I’ll look into that.

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