Messy playback during recording on multiple tracks

Audacity 2.3.0 - Windows 10 Pro x64-based processor - 4Gb RAM

Hi guys,

I’m recording electric guitar via Audacity 2.3.0 and have some problems with Playback when recording multiple tracks.
My chain is:
Guitar>Guitar Pedals>Lexicon Lambda sound card>PC
I use headphones connected to my Lexicon Lambda for listening to the playback when recording.

Everything works fine when recording the first 2-3 tracks. After the 3rd track, when I hit Record the Playback sound is messy. After the 4th track, the Playback when recording becomes REALLY messy. Nevetheless, the playback sounds fine when i’m not recording and just click Play.

Am i doing something wrong or am i asking too much from my equipment?
And if so, what should i do to solve this and be able to record multiple tracks without this problem.

Sorry if this has been previously discussed but i couldn’t find some solution in old topics.

Thanks in advance!!!

If by “messy” you mean out-of-sync, (rather than distorted), you could try …
A different sample-rate : use 48kHz if currently 44.1kHz, and vice versa.
Increasing the Windows CPU-priority of Audacity from normal (default) to “above normal”.
Mix the “2-3 tracks” down into an new track, then mute all except that new track.