messed with the settings

actually , i went to the “noise reduction” effect dialog box and there i randomly fixed the noise reduction settings and after that when i try to record my voice with a song’s track then the track gets played but my voice doesnt get recorded as before…before when i used to record my songs them , my voice was being recorded but after i messed with the "noise reduction " effect …after that my voice doesnt get recorded…plz help…

The Noise Reduction settings have nothing to with your recording device settings. Audacity does not perform live effects when recording.

You can choose the correct recording device in Device Toolbar.

You can also start over with fresh settings by reinstalling Audacity using the EXE installer then explicitly choosing the option to “Reset Preferences” half way through installation. Confirm the reset when you launch Audacity by saying Yes.

If you need more help after that, please tell us what version of Audacity you have (all three numbers, see the pink panel at the top of the page) and tell us the make and model number of the microphone and how it connects to your computer.