Messed up audio track

i was recording with audacity for 6 hours yesterday, the problem is that the last 2 hours of my track sound like this:
the first 4 hours sound ok but i need the whole file to sound good… i still got the .aup file. i just really need to know what to do here because this audio is important…

Anything in here?

That’s help for preventing the next show from doing that. I don’t think you’re going to bring your damaged segment back.

There was another poster with a similar problem and I got it to be very slightly less bad by making copies of the show and then delaying them a bit so each one filled in the holes of the other. Someone else posted a special effect that did a similar job a little better. I’m looking for the posting. Neither of us is going to repair that to a studio recording or to match the rest of the show.

As we go.