I have a MAC OSX 10.7.5 and use Audacity to import music to my i-tunes library from a turntable for vinyl records. I have downloaded 100’s of records thru audacity and this is the first time this message came up. I’m computer illiterate, so please be patient with me. Can you tell me why this message is coming up and what do i need to do to fix the problem?



Are you using the latest Audacity (version 2.0.6)?

When do you see that message? When saving your project or exporting?

– Bill

I don’t know which version i have. I started in 9/2012 and don’t think i have had any updates. I see the message when exporting. I do EXPORT MULTIPLE and enter all the info and click export and the message comes up. I have downloaded albums almost everyday and this morning this message came up.

I think this was the error we got when we included a date in the filename. Did you do that? Use ISO versions of dates 2014-12-10. Don’t put other punctuation marks in filenames.


Are you exporting the music to WAV files? That’s usually a good idea. WAV files will open up anywhere, but Audacity Projects will only open in Audacity.

A common mistake is to insist on using MP3 files for all music work. MP3 creates sound damage when it works, so it’s only a good idea when you want to make music for your iPod or other Personal Music Player. Permanent archive work should be in WAV.


I don’t know what WAV files are. I don’t know too much about computers. I download the music into my i-tunes library (mp3). I have downloaded 100’s of records using Audacity and this is the first time this message came up. Do i need to update my version? I started Audacity in 9/2012

This article from the Wiki on various audio formats may be useful to you:




I took the forward slash off and it started working. I’ll see if it lasts. Thanks for the help–Thomas

The message suggests you have a very old Audacity. So yes I would update Audacity to 2.0.6 -

You will get the same issue in 2.0.6 with Export Multiple - it’s a bug that’s not yet fixed in Audacity. Asterisks (*) or question marks (?) in labels will also be wrongly rejected in Export Multiple.

Generally it’s a bad idea to put slashes or any punctuation except underscore


into the file name if you are giving this file to anyone else. Hyphen is OK as long as it is hyphen-minus.

If it is essential you use forward slash, asterisk or question mark, drag-select the part of the WAV you want to export, then use File > Export Selection… instead.