Message: "cannot export audio to .... " [SOLVED]

Recently loaded 2.0.5 (.exe installer version) onto Windows 7. When I try to “export multiple” (regardless of format) I get the same message “cannot export audio … etc.”. I tried removing punctuation and CAPS from my labels (a problem in earlier versions of Audacity). Manuals and FAQs are of no help.

punctuation and CAPS

Caps was never a problem, but you can get into serious trouble with punctuation.

“cannot export audio … etc.”.

It would be good to know what that exact message was.

Export Multiple may fail if you don’t have your show marked in labels.


Thanks, Koz.

The exact message is: “cannot export audio to C:Program Files(x86)Audacity1.wav”

I have tried different export locations (e.g. Desktop) but makes no difference. To avoid labeling issues I just named each track 1 thru 16. My project files are located on an external hard drive but I do not see why that should matter.

Export Multiple may fail if you don’t have your show marked in labels… What does this mean? Please elaborate


Unless you are logged in as an administrator, you cannot export to Program Files.

Are you writing to your own Desktop? You can’t write to someone else’s Desktop unless you are logged in as an administrator.

It does not matter assuming you can play the project and edit it OK.

Export Multiple can export by tracks or labels, but not both. Are you exporting using labels?

It sounds like a permissions issue, though. If you look at Help > Show Log… it may show that. I suggest you save the project then log in as admin, or check if there are lock symbols in Explorer where you are trying to export to. Export somewhere where there is no lock symbol.


Thanks Gale - problem solved.
I changed the export destination to C:UsersUserDesktop
Getting familiar with Windows7 and Audacity 2.0.5 at the same time.
Thanks again

Even if you are logged in as administrator it is a bad idea to export data to the Program Files directories of Windows - they are meant for programs and not data, as the name implies.

And note that the desktop is not really the best place to export to unless you are using it as a temporary transitioning place and then moving the files in elsewhere. Much better practice to set up a proper directory/file area in your “My Documents” section of the Windows file structure.