When I record Skype conversations, it ends up that one side of the conversation comes out of one headphone and the other from the second headphone. There’s really no problem if I’m listening without headphones, but this is for a podcast. Many listeners don’t have a choice but to use headphones. Is there a way to merge the two sides of the conversation into one so it’s in stereo?


With Audacity 1.3.8 or later;

Click on the track name and select “Split Stereo to Mono”.

This will give you 2 mono tracks (perfect for Podcasts)
Use the track volume sliders to adjust the relative levels so that both voices sound about the same.
Export as MP3 for your Podcast (also Export a WAV version as a backup).

You should be in Audacity 1.3 if you’re not already.

Track > Stereo To Mono.

If you can live with a mono, mixed track, you’re done. If a stereo track is required, then…

Track > Stereo To Mono
Edit > Duplicate
Track Tools (on the left) > Make Stereo Track.

Most people want the split because it allows applying special effects, filters, and amplifiers to one side of the conversation. If that’s a complete waste of time for you, Pamela allows direct recording in Mix. The two lower cost Pamelas will not record in Split. That’s an extra cost option.


That works, except that it is still mono really - just that it is now 2 channel mono, so there is twice as much data and the Exported MP3 will be lower quality.
If any of the tracks (for example a music clip) is in stereo, or if the pan positions of any of the tracks are off centre, then Export will automatically produce a stereo audio file.

For Podcasts it is generally better to stick with mono, unless there is a specific reason why you need stereo.