Merging two projects into one

I want to do a duet with another person. I have recorded her portion she did on singsnap with audacity. I am going to do my portion from a cdg (karaoke) into audacity also. I would like to blend the two together so as to have both portions into one project so it can be exported to an mp3 file. I am using XP SP3. Can this be done using audacity 2.0

The issue that immediately comes to mind is; are you both singing the same version of the song, at exactly the same tempo and in exactly the same key?

the tempo is the same but the key is different. I hope to re-record her in a lower key that I can sing in without noticeably distorting her voice. Ty for your reply steve.


Is it exactly the same? If not, the two recordings will drift out of time which will be tricky to fix.

I presume that you want this with the karaoke backing?

Is that vocal only and no backing track?

there is a backing track with her vocal too. There is a male part and a female part…she did her part and where the male part is there are no vocals. I want to do the male part and blend the two together

The way that I would suggest that you do it is to Import the other person’s recording and record your track against that (don’t use your karaoke version at all). If you have two instrumental parts it is likely to end up sounding jumbled. See this tutorial for more information:’s_on-board_sound_card