Merging sounds?

I want to modify one sound with another sound. I don’t mean overlay or combine, for instance I might want to modify the sound of a church bell ringing with the spoken word “Bell”, so that the bell sounds like it is saying, “Belllll”.

I don’t even know what this is called, but I think something similar is called “sampling”? Can this be done in Audacity?

Windows 7 64 and Audacity 2.1.2 from exe.

I think the effect that you really want is the “Sonovox” or “Talk Box” effect (see:
There’s no way to produce that exact effect electronically as it depends on the physical resonance of the performer’s mouth and throat. Probably the closest electronic effect is the “Vocoder” effect, but I don’t know of any Vocoder effect that can take two audio inputs from Audacity tracks.

This video clip shows how:

Thank you, sonovox is exactly what I am looking for I think. But I will try vocoder, which I see is an effect but which I have to learn more about. There have been just so many incredible things done with voices these days I sort of assumed that what I wanted was easy and already done somewhere.