Merging label tracks

windows 7

can i merge two label tracks together instead of copy and pasting them?

i’ll add more questions later probably

You can change which label track a label is on with the Label Track Editor:

What you should be able do is:

  1. Export the two label tracks - they will go to Excel files

  2. Merge the two Excel files (copy one to the end of the other)

  3. Sort the file into ascending time order

  4. Import the label file back into Audacity

Disclaimer: I have not personally tried this - but it should hopefully work …


Another method:

  1. Click in the Track Control Panel of one of the label tracks (or double-click in the label track)
  2. Edit > Remove Audio or Labels > Cut
  3. Click in the other label track and press HOME on your keyboard
  4. Edit > Paste
  5. Use the [X] top left of the now empty label track to close it.