Merging desired audio from two separate tracks

Here is what I want to do

I have 2 stereo tracks; 1 better sounding one and 1 with crowd noise during a live performance
I want to keep the crowd noise and delete the music from the one file and then merge it with the better sounding file so that way I have 1 audio file with better sound along with the crowd noise

Please let me know how to do that

just now, I did the import tracks, select all, align end to end, mix and render and it may have worked but how do I know if it will take my better music part and get rid of the lesser quality audio part

please advise . thank you

This isn’t really like the question you attached your post to, so I started a new topic for you.

What you did is like having tracks


and making it into


So assuming A and B cover the same time period, what you did does not help. I would Edit > Undo that so you have two Audacity tracks again.

Basically it’s not worth attempting what you want to do if you are expecting it to sound completely convincing. The crowd noise is part of the performance and so it can’t be easily separated from the music. If both recordings of the music were identical for each and every digital sample in the recordings, then you could subtract one recording from the other leaving you with the crowd noise… but the recordings of the music are not identical.

If the crowd noise were like steady hiss you could make an attempt to isolate it in Noise Reduction in the latest builds of Audacity… but the noise is not steady and won’t isolate well.

If there are sections of the recording with crowd noise that only have the crowd noise and no music, then you could create a new track (Tracks > Add New > Stereo Track), then select and copy pieces of crowd noise and paste them to the new track. You could Effect > Repeat… pieces of noise. Delete the worse recording when you have finished copying from it, using the [X] top left of the track, then you can listen to what the good recording and crowd noise track sound like when played together.

When you File > Export…, both tracks will be mixed into one.


what is amazing is even though all I did is merge A and B into AB, it actually sounds excellent

I merged the sound of a CD with a lesser tv sound track and it seems like the CD track is what am hearing in the merged track, which is what I wanted all along

it seems strange but it sounds good. I can still hear the live audience noise along with the better sounding music

I will have to try some more different ones to see how they turn out