Merging Clips

Hello and thank you!

Two questions.

One, I’ve uploaded one song to Audacity. Why do 2 tracks appear? And what is the top track and what is the lower track? New to Audacity. Thanks

Two, I’m creating a slideshow. I need a music track. I am combining sections from 5 songs to match the different sections of the slideshow. Do I clip the 90 second segment from a song first and upload that and then merge all clips into a single track? Really need as much help with this. Thank you.


A stereo track perhaps?

It probably depends what program you are using to make the slide show. Can’t you just import the songs into the slide show program and adjust them to fit?

Thanks, Steve, for your reply and suggestions. Slideshow I am using is ProShow Gold 5. The only music editing that I’ve found on this version is fade in and fade out. Here’s a review of ProShow 6, but like I said I have only ProShow 5. [].

So, I probably need to upload the multiple tracks and cut them in Audacity. Thanks for your excellent efforts and valuable time.


On their web site it says:

Use the built-in audio tools to > trim tracks> , set fades, crossfade between songs and record voiceovers. Blend music and video with precision using volume control points.
(emphasis mine)

Thanks, Steve.

For whatever reason, I have not been able to sync the music in Photodex, so I am doing it in Audacity.

I’ve downloaded music into a Music Folder on my computer, then loading it to Audacity. On a couple of YouTube music files, I am getting an FFmpeg error message. Familiar with it?

"FFmpeg Error: “To use Ffmpeg import, go to Preferences>Libraries to download or locate the Ffmpeg libraries.” I went to the Preferences>Libraries [here:] but do not know which one to select.

This error message comes with the first one:
Error Importing:
“C:Users. . .DownloadsMusicOde to Joy.mp4” is an Advanced Audio Coding File.
Audacity cannot open this type of file.
You need to convert it to a supported audio format, such as WAV or AIFF.

Any help you can offer on this would be great. Thanks.


Try these instructions: