Merge AU files together

Hello guys, I’ve unfortunately had something very annoying happen to me, I recorded a 2 hour music session the other day, and I saved the project as an au file. However when I try to open it now it just says it is missing 1 audio data block file, and thus I am unable to open the project (If i do it anyways there is no sound). However I found out if I imported the AU files seperatley into audacity the audio was still there, albeit split into 900 files or so. Now I wanted to ask If it was possible to bulk import them into audacity and then export the project.
Thanks for helping in advance :slight_smile:

There are two parts to an Audacity project. The is a “project file” that has an “AUP” file extension, and there is the audio data which is stored separately,
By default, the audio data is saved in a folder with a name ending in “_data”.

It is essential that you do not manually chance either the project file or the data in any way, as doing so will probably destroy the project.

To open an Audacity project, from the Audacity “File” menu, select “Open”, then locate the AUP file in the file browser.

More information about Audacity projects here:

Thanks for the reply, but when I try to open the AUP file, the only thing I get is the error that 1 data block file is missing, and from there on I can’t do anything. The AUP file is also in the same folder as the _data folder is, and the appropriate information is also present in the aup file, however because of the 1 missing audio data block file I cant open the project which is really unfortunate.

What is the exact message (in full)?

I took a screenshot, I think it’ll be easier.

It says:
Warning - Missing Audio Data Block File(s)

Project check of “Duo_data” folder detected 1 missing audio data (.au) or blockfiles, probably due to a bug, system crash or deletion… There is no way for audacity to recover these missing files automatically

Select the option: “Treat missing audio file as silence (this session only)”
Then click the “OK” button.

That will open the project and (temporarily) replace the missing data with silence of equal length (likely to be a few seconds).

Save the project with a new, unique name to your local hard drive.

There will probably be no way to recover the bad/missing block of data, but your newly saved project will probably have most of the project intact.