Menuitems "Quick Help" and "MAnual" show HTML-code [SOLVED]

I downloaded and installed Audacity 2.1.0. (Dutch).

I work with Firefox on Windows 8.1

Installation went fine.

But when trying to open either teh “Quick Help” or “Manual” item in the menu
I get plain HTML-code.

How to solve this?

Check that Firefox is set as the default application for html files.

Firefox is my default browser.

Find the “help” folder in the Audacity installation folder, then find the “index.html” file within the help folder.
Double click on the “index.html” file.
Does it open in Firefox?

You have to go one level deeper - the “index.html” file should be in a “manual” folder inside the “help” folder.


This is what I see in the manual folder:


no index.html

There are two “manual” folders. That image should be two levels down inside the “manual” folder that is inside the “help/manual” folder.

In Explorer, open the folder where you have Audacity installed.

Double-click on the “help” folder.

Then double-click on the “manual” folder.

Then double-click on “index.html”. Tell us what application index.html opens in.

If you don’t see that “index.html”, you may not have Audacity supplied by us. Uninstall the Audacity you have now and install 2.1.0 from


Found it.

If opening the file using the option “open with…” both the inbdex- and the quick-help HTML-files open in
HTML-Kit/preview, as well as in Internet -Explorer, Chrome as Firefox.

So I did activate the checkbox and selecte d Firefox as the default program fot opening HTML-files.

Problem solved.

Thanks for the help!