Menu unavailable

I just installed Audacity onto a new mac book pro and the menu bar is not showing. I don’t know how to access it

Macs do not have a menu bar attached to the application. The menu bar is in the global menu at the top of the computer screen. The global menu will only show Audacity when it has focus. You can Command - TAB to switch focus to Audacity if it is running.

If Audacity is not running, go to your Applications folder and double-click on

Note that Audacity should not be run from the DMG. If you were running it from the DMG, mount the DMG then drag the Audacity folder to /Applications.

If you have used the red window close button in Audacity, switch focus to Audacity then choose File > New to open a new project window.

If none of that helps please attach an image of what the problem is. See here for how to attach files .


Thanks Gale. Of course! Thanks for your prompt help.