Menu select item stuck on screen after menu has closed.

Everytime on Audacity, whenever I select the first menu command, the label or selected option gets “stuck” on screen and won’t go away. I can close all open applications, including whichever one I was using when it got stuck, but it still won’t go away. I included an image to show what I mean. I have highlighted it using a red rectangle, so note that the red rectangle is not part of the problem.
I am using windows 10, and the latest version of audacity. (Which is 2.3.0 at the time of writing) Let me know if there is any system info I should include.

Thanks for the report, but I can’t reproduce this, and I’ve not seen any other reports of this issue.
Perhaps it is a slight glitch in your graphics card drivers - have you checked that they are the exact right drivers for your hardware (not just the generic Windows drivers)?