Memory usage

Operating system Fedora workstation 37
File format: btrfs with LUK2 Encryption
Graphics Wayland
System Memory 16 GB
Storage 1 TB (Free 600 GB) Storage medium Solid state

Audacity Version 3.2.2

When trying to record a LP I run out of memory at about the 25 minute mark. The system just crashes. By monitoring the system during recording the Memory starts of at about 2.3 GB (basic operating system I believe) but after about 5 minutes of recording the memory usage climbs as the recording proceeds until the 16 GB marks when the system crashes. During the recording the Storage capacity does not seem to reduce but this may not show as a few hundred MB may not register given the storage capacity available.
My understanding is that Audacity does not use the memory to save the data in during record but records in a temp director on the disk storage. If this is so why do I seem to have a problem with memory? Can any one help as I can not find any setting that may assist.

PS. The version of Audacity Was from the Fedora repositories

Windows guy here. Do you have the same issue if you set the Project Rate (lower left-corner) to 44100 Hz ?

Perhaps you could try the AppImage version from Audacity:
(I don’t see the memory leak in the AppImage version. I’m on Ubuntu 22.04)

Thanks for the responses, Yes I was using the project rate of 44100 as set in the bottom left corner.

I downloaded the Applmage version from the link and installed it. The issue seems to now be fixed. I can record for in excess of 25 minutes and the memory usage does not change.

I have now deleted the fedora repository version

Perhaps you could report the problem to Fedora so that they can fix their version.