member for years, knew the program

ole dell bown out, audio box usb. condensers mikes bought a high dolllsr hp laptop,newversion of window 10, it hill noth let me ass 2nd or thirtd track, what am I doinf wrong, suttlemyre

will not mix and render, I need to reinstal

The default setting on Audacity 2-2-0 & later is that it appends recordings, rather than creating a new track every-time you start a new recording, (which was what happened in older versions of Audacity).

Press “shift” & press record to start recording on a new track, (rather than appending).

Or if you prefer the old behavior where the default is always record on a new track

just go to Edit > Preferences and choose the Recording tab and check on the box for Always record on a new track


got it thanks

THIS is how you handle a change in defaults like that. The Shift option is nice, but it’s great to be able to adjust default behavior. = )

Glad you approve :sunglasses:

We turned it around to make it easier for newbies - but when we do that we try to make it possible to revert to the older more complex behavior (another good example is the behavior of the Solo button).