Measure peak db in each track

Hello, i’m using Audacity to record some impulse responses and i need to know the peak of each track so i can manually adjust it for each single track, how can i do?

you can see the impulses, i need to know the max peak in db of these impulses

You could try this Nyquist Plug-in: Label Peaks | AudioNyq

(Installation instructions: Nyquist Plugin Installer - Audacity Manual)

Audacity has pre-scanned your file and it knows the current peak. The Amplify effect allows you to directly enter the New Peak Amplitude without you knowing the current peak.

The default is for “maximized” 0dB peaks (AKA 0dB normalization).

Since the Amplify effect defaults to whatever amplification/attenuation is needed for 0dB peaks, the inversion of the default is your current peak… If it shows +3dB, your peaks are currently -3dB.

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