Measure Duplication? [SOLVED]

I want to extend the final chord in my song by one measure - same chord, just make the close of the song a little longer. Can’t seem to find the how-to anywhere. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank y’all.

If you want to repeat the chord, use “Effect > Repeat”.
If you want to “stretch” the chord, use “Effect > Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift”

A simpler “time stretch” effect is “Change Tempo” (, but the sound quality is usually not as good as “Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift”

Thank you, Steve. Since What I want to extend is only one measure, and I’m so new at this, I think I will stick with the simpler “Change Tempo” suggestion. I’m still kinda in the dark, though. How do I select the measure I want to extend? In other words, how do I mark the beginning - end of that measure? Do I simply place a line there? My apologies, I’m really not very computer literate. I’m in rehab medicine and help folks recover from devastating injuries, but computers baffle me sometimes. Thanks for your help.

That’s basically “click and drag”.
Details about how to “select” part of an audio track here:

Repeat will rarely work if you want the combined length to sound continuous.


AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!! I’m trying to change keys and I’m following directions as you told me to do, plus the information in the manual, but there’s obviously something I’m not doing right. I’m trying to change key from C4 to B - down 2 semitones. I’m using the minus mark, and getting the right results in the boxes. But then when I close the “change Pitch” tool, then go back to it, Audacity has had the audacity to change the key to another, seemingly random, key of its own choosing. I can’t get it to stay where I put it. Part of the reason seems to be that Audacity won’t allow me to save the song as a project. It’s an audio wav, so I have to export it, then save it to my folder. I’m confused! What am I doing wrong?

You were told to use Change Tempo, because you wanted to extend a chord. Have you done that yet? Change Pitch does not extend the selection.

Please read to see how it works.

Change Pitch is not key signature detection. It just guesses the first detectable pitch in a selection from the first few samples of audio in the selection.

If you want to go down 2 semitones from whatever pitch the selection actually is, just enter “-2” (without quotes) in the “Semitones (half-steps):” box and Audacity will apply that pitch change.

Tell us exactly what happens. If the menu items are greyed out, press the yellow Stop button.

Just use letters, numbers or underscore in the file name then you won’t enter any characters that Windows reserves for itself.

If Audacity says it cannot save, change the save directory to your own Desktop.


I have the save and key change things done, thanks to your invaluable guidance. The only thing that’s causing pain now is the background noise I mentioned in my most recent post. I’m recording an album and this one song is the only one left that’s not cooperating. Again, there were 4 out of the 10 that, when finished and burned to cd, had a considerable amount of background noise on them that wasn’t there on the original recording on my keyboard, the flash drive used to import into Audacity or Audacity itself when the file was played back from the flash drive through Audacity. I repeated the editing process and managed to clean up 3 of the 4, but the fourth is still not usable.

OK but see the new topic that was started for you to discuss that.