Meassuring Tones Frequency

Hi, once you’ve created a tone, is there any way to meassure its frequency to make sure it is the right one. I ask because I want to create binaural beats. Thanks!

For frequencies higher than about 100 Hz, the easiest way is to use “Plot Spectrum” (
Hint: the “Size” setting may be increased so as to show more accurate frequencies.
Hint: Setting the “Axis” to “Log Frequency” gives easier to read frequencies in most cases, but “Linear frequency” is useful when looking at very high frequencies.

If you generate the frequencies digitally/algorithmically they should be “perfect” (within the resolution determined by the sample rate). …I trust Audacity’s Generate function more than I trust any “analysis”. The math for generating a sine wave is straightforward. It requires trigonometry but that’s no sweat for the computer.

You can get errors in the playback hardware, but since the left & right channel share the same sample-rate clock both channels will share the same errors and the difference-frequency should be OK (it will be off by the same percentage as the main frequencies).