McCrypt USB Turntable Adaptor

Hi, I’ve had a good look around here and can’t see anything related to this product. Found on Ebay and a lot cheaper than a USB turntable. Having read some comments here I’m glad I now didn’t buy! However, anyone know if this option any good in trying to get my records transferred to MP3’s via my laptop…? Cheers.

EDIT: Actually I think this may be made by Citronic…??

From what I can see on t’interweb this looks to be some form of external USB soundcard, looks as though its made in Germany. There is no apparent reasion why it shouldn’t work.

Unless your turntable has a line output as well as a phono output (i.e. contains an in-built pre-amp) then you will most probably need a pre-amp too.

There are other devices that you might consider: the Behringer UCA202 and the Edirol UA-1EX get mentioned on the forum quite regularly. I myself use the Edirol with my old Technics deck and amp - I used to use an ION TTUSB but gave up on that as I got too much wow&flutter.


Cheers nice one, I thought I could just plug the turntable into this adaptor and then record using Audacity, didn’t realise I needed an amp though will check for line output. Unfortunately the turntable is the only piece of kit I kept!!

There are some reasonably cheap pre-amps around for Phono TT conenction, that do the RIAA equalisation. Some people need them for connecting a TT to a new amp that doen’t have TT/phono input. There have been several postings, including some with recommendations of h/w - try Searching the forum …


No, I don’t think you need a pre-amp with that device. That device seems to do the RIAA EQ by itself (it has inputs labelled line/phono with a switch to change the input standard).

So if you plug a regular turntable into it and set the switch to phono, it should pick something up. It may not be the best phono pre-amp in the world, but it should work.

That said, this is the first I’ve heard of it, so there’s some small risk involved in buying it. If it does work though and you’ve got a decent turntable, it’s bound to be nicer than a USB turntable.