MC09 Music Calculator

Already another update.
I needed something usefull for BPM besides a log (aka a journal, not the calculator
function) and thus added it to MC09.
MC09 04.0 Now Contains the Following:

  1. Time Lengthz (Add, Subtract, Divide, Multiply…times or whatever)
  2. Measure Start Times (Enter length of audio and how many measures it is and recieve
    start times for measures after that).
  3. Button Start Times (same thing as 02 but with button times).
  4. Sub-Button Start Times (divides a button into 16 sub-button start times)
  5. Waveform Pitch Changes (enter basic waveform length, get: frequency, next hi & lo frq)
  6. Pitch Changes (way of comparing two different pitch frequencies).
  7. NeW BPM Lengthz (several formula “scenarios” for figuring bpm, length of measure, how
    many measures, ex cetera).
  8. Scratchpad

    As always, no macros or complicated calculator functions used, just regular formulas.
    Also, each sheet is protected (without password) to ensure formulas aren’t accidently typed over…
    MC09-v04.0.xls (36 KB)

Just wanted to explain some of the BPM formulas for youz guys as I found
it pretty difficult to figure out (very confusing).

First off, BPM=Beats Per Minute
What this really means is Whole Notes Per Minute.
Keep in mind, that on a 16 step sequencer, each button is a quarter note
and each four buttons (bar) is a whole note length of time.

So, by dividing 60 seconds (1 minute) by yer BPM, you get the LENGTH
of each bar.

For example: 155bpm
60/155 = 0.387097
So, every 0.387097 seconds a bar will have played.

Times this number by 4 and you get the length of 1 measure (16 buttons,
4 bars). So (4 * 0.387097) = 1.548387 seconds, the length of 1 measure
at 155bpm.

I just call 4 buttons a bar becoz it’s easier to remember…it’s a much shorter
word than measure (which I call 16 buttons). I like things like vocab like that.

Hope this helps…

another update…