MBOX MAC OS 10.4?????

Are audacity & Mbox compatible if so how? My mac sees Mbox in sound card. Audacity does to in their input options menu. But once Mbox selected as input device, I get this message when I hit record:

“Error while opening sound device. Please check the output device settings and the project sample rate.”

What gives. Sample rates are same for Aud. & box.

has anyone been able to amke this work. if so how?

I am not happy. Audacity is great. Mbox is too. Why can’t they meet and be friends/ Am I a moron?

Do you have QuickTime Pro? That can be helpful in times like this.

Open up Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input

There is a bouncing light sound meter in the middle of that panel. Do the lights bounce when you play music with your MBox? If not, then Audacity is dead because it can only get sound after the Mac gets it.


yes, sound preferences window on my mac sees Mbox and meters go up and down. hence music is getting to my mac clearly. mbox appears in input options on audacity; once selected as my input preference and I open new file, if I hit record – error message I mentioned. sometimes I do not get the error message and file goes into record mode successfully excpet meters of audacity and music “wave” are completely flat!
have you been able to use Mbvox and audacity? I read dioverging coments here & there. Most folks seem to be having my probelm. I found one mesge indicating that they were able, but not sure if it was mac and wondows and no mention of HOW!

I am having the same problem…Mbox, MacOSX 10.4.11, Audacity messagge error “…check sample rate input device…” etc when trying to record…already looked for change the input settings at system settings, in audacity preferences, restart, etc…¿¿does somebody found the solution to this??

One of the problems with the forum is that it collects people who failed. If none of the elves happens to have the same equipment you do, then a problem may go on for a while.

Doesn’t anybody have QuickTime Pro? You can make a capture in QTP with no settings and then then analyze the results to see how to set Audacity.

There is the known ASIO Drivers problem. Audacity only has the weakest support for that. Can you tell if the device uses ASIO?


Also, if they all failed, we would get more complaints and there would be more Google hits. There weren’t, so there must be something odd that’s common.

Maybe there are too many sound pathways.

Do you use SoundFlower, WireTap, or other internet recording software?

Do you use Vonage, Skype or other internet phonecall software?

Has anyone tried settings other than the ones in the Mbox? I got a hint in a Google hit. Did anybody try 44100, 16-bit Mono? That’s the generic USB microphone setting. If the Apple Preferences panel meter is flashing, then the sound is inside the Mac and it’s just a matter to figure how it got there.

There is another Apple panel other than the Preferences.

Go > Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup.

That one’s a supervisory panel to the Preferences, but it doesn’t have a sound meter.


And try not to double post. The same elves service all the forums from all around the world. If there’s no good answer in one earth rotation, we may just not know what the answer is.

Hard to believe, but that does happen.


I would kill to have someone with QTP record a segment and then play it back with the Apple-I info panel to tell us what it really is. Without that, we’re all flying blind.

It is my opinion that once the stream is inside the Mac, anybody including Audacity should be able to record it. The driver issue is so the computer “knows” what the hardware is and how to handle the stream.

Do you have Garage Band?