may i update encoders ?

i’m running audacity 2.1.3 under window

can i updagrade encoders like flac ,ogg vorbis , opus and maybe (i know it’s no included ) but wavpack ?

or do i need the audacity 2.1.4 update?


Audacity ships with built-in encoders for several formats, including WAV, AIFF, OGG and FLAC. These can only be updated by updating the Audacity source code, making whatever changes are necessary to ensure compatibility, and rebuilding the application (Some information about building Audacity on Windows here:

Audacity can also use LAME (for MP3 export) and FFmpeg as external libraries. It would be possible to update the libraries, but require that the library is built with the ‘hooks’ that Audacity requires for linking to the library. This is particularly difficult in the case of FFmpeg as newer releases of FFmpeg frequently break compatibility with older versions.

Audacity can also encode the exported file using an external program (see:
In this case it is practical for users to update encoders without the need for programming or modifying the source code.

tanks Steve