May I record several (>20) voicemail at once?

Using 2.0.5 on Windows XP. Obtained the .exe installer.

I’m trying to record about 36 voicemail messages before they expire. I found nothing in FAQ or previous questions about this, but may I record several at once - say, 3-5 at a time, in chunks, so I don’t have to record each separately? The volume and output would be about the same for each. I find the carrier’s automated voice is louder than the caller’s, but the volume difference should be the same on each call.

Thank you for any suggestions/info! :smiley:

Where are they now?

They are in the carrier’s voicemail system, and are due to expire in 2 days.

More specifically, I’d use Audacity to connect my iPhone directly to my PC, per CNET’s video tutorial touting and highly recommending Audacity.

If you mean , please note there is a missing step (and no, Audacity did not write that tutorial). You will need to choose the correct input device (the third box) in Device Toolbar: .

Audacity can record for as long as you have disk space available - see There is a current restriction that you cannot reopen saved projects that have tracks longer than about 13.5 hours at the default 44100 Hz project rate. That won’t affect you if you only have 36 messages. I would not save a project. Use an Export option for the audio format you want.

Assuming you want each message as a separate file on your computer, I would record as many messages as you can in one Audacity track, using the blue Pause button to pause and resume recording in that track. Then remove the space between each message, label each message (CTRL + B) then File > Export Multiple to save a separate audio file for each labeled message. See: .

You could also drag the messages to your computer and find software to convert the messages to a format the computer can play, but it’s probably easier to record only about 30 messages.


You are totally right - that’s the link I meant. THANK you very much for telling me about the missing step.

By " correct input device (the third box)" did you mean I’d indicate my iPhone?

Good to know it seems it’s possible to record all at once, with a pause (great idea) in between. I’m not quite sure yet how I can label each message within the track, but I’ll read your link before I do. Thank you!

What advice do you have on the file type for output? I guess .wav files are the least condensed - are these the best if I now have a PC but may switch to Mac in the future? It’s kind of like my liking to save images as .jpgs – I prefer whatever audio file is considered standard or the one that won’t be outdated in years to come. Appreciate very much your advice…

In the past I’d used my minidisc recorder and recorded with external mic and speakerphone; this will be a vast improvement, if it works…

No you need to choose the computer input you are recording from. If your computer has a blue line-in port, connect your cable to that. If you only have a pink microphone input, try it, but it may distort too much. If you use the mic input, turn down the right-hand volume slider in Audacity’s Mixer Toolbar:

WAV files are lossless but quite large - 5 MB for a one minute message in mono. WAV files are fully compatible with Mac.

If you want a smaller file with some quality loss (about 1 MB per minute for mono) export as MP3 which is also compatible with Mac. You will have to install LAME to export as MP3.