Maximum size of mp3 file for uploading

Hi, what is the maximum size of an mp3 file which I can upload into Audacity for editing? Thanks!

Zero. Never do production in MP3. MP3 is a one-use throw-away format.

Forum upload filesize limit is 1MB. This is usually enough to get the point across if you have an interference or production question. MP3 tends to hide quality issues, so that’s discouraged.

If you need anything larger than that, you are pointed to one of the filesharing web sites or services.


:smiley: well that is not “strictly” true.

Audacity “can” import MP3s for editing, but it is highly recommended to use uncompressed audio (WAV, FLAC or AIFF files) for production and only convert to MP3 as the final export step (if MP3 is really required).

The maximum size of an Audacity project is 2^31 samples (a bit over 2 billion samples, which works out as about 13.5 hours at a sample rate of 44100 Hz).
The maximum size will be less if you don’t have enough free disk space.