Maximum Number of Tracks Allowed for a File?

Hello All,

Does anyone know whether Audacity has a maximum allowable number of tracks per file? I plan for 49 separate tracks,

Thanks in advance for your advice.

maximum allowable number of tracks per file?

Pushing the words around a little. I think 49 tracks per Audacity Project is allowable. Someone will post with the accurate number. Audacity _Project_s have many files. It’s only when you get to Exporting an actual stand-alone sound file as WAV or MP3 (for example), that you start to worry about allowable tracks at the same time. It’s totally possible to create a mix with songs one right after the other. That will export as a “mix tape” in stereo.

Audacity, unless you stop it, will try to mix all the tracks in your Project down to stereo or mono when you export.

This is an Audacity Project.

The AUP project manager and the _DATA (with all the sound fragments in it) have to be close to each other and have the name you gave them at Save. An Audacity Project will save all your individual tracks, layout, tools, etc, but not UNDO.


The number of tracks in a “project” is limited by the capabilities of the computer, not by Audacity.
My (budget) i7 Linux laptop will handle over 100 tracks with ease.