Max File Size?

I have a large, clunky MP3 audiobook that my SYNC keeps losing its place in. I want to chop it into smaller files that are more manageble. The original file is roughly 17hrs long. Every time I open it in the editor only the first 1hr 45min actually load. Sadly, I have already listened to this portion so it isn’t much use. Is there a max file size that the program can handle and so I’m SOL? Is there any editor out there that could handle a file this size?

This maybe a different problem than you think. When Audacity opens a show, it converts to super-high quality format, to make it easier to do effects and filters.

If you have a highly compressed MP3, it might try to expand out to a sound file larger than your machine.

People make “pure” MP3 editors—no conversions. You maybe a candidate for one of those.


OK thanks for the explanation! I’m not an expert audio editor, as I’m sure you can tell. I will try an MP3 only editor so that it doesn’t try to expand it out for this use and come back to Audacity for other projects.