Matching voice of one voice-over artist to another

I have a audio content created by one voice-over artist for educational purpose. Recently the voice-over artist who voice was used for this content, left my company. Currently I have the need to change a few sentences in the entire audio file. Since I don’t have the original artist with me… I am in a fix. I want to avoid re-recording the entire content in a new voice… that will mean match the new voice to the video content etc. Is there a way to record those couple of sentences and a few words by another voice over artist and then match her voice (as closely as possible) with the original voice?

Your inputs will save me a lot of efforts!

Even with the same artist it is difficult to get a good match, due to differences in the recording environment, distance from the microphone, mood of the artist…
Without the same artist, technology cannot help much, unless perhaps you have other recorded material from that artist that you can cut and paste, otherwise you will be looking for an impressionist.