matching sound characteristics of 2 different recordings of the same voice

Hello out there (there is a wonderful one act play by Saroyan by that title)

I am not very savvy computer-wise. I sing & process recordings I get from sound boards at open mics for family etc.

Sometimes I make mistakes and at a later time re-sing & re-play just the botched phrase at the same venue & then patch them into the original recording. Often this works reasonably well, but sometimes the difference in characteristics (how “live” it sounds or how"'close to the mic" it sounds) is great enough that the repaired version, though musically or lyrically correct, sounds quite jarring. I try to use equalization to change the patch & that may help somewhat, but not always.

My computer is running Windows 7, Home Premium, Service Pack 1. I have no idea how to find which version of Audacity I have - it was installed 8-15-2014.

Thank you if you can help me.

This is extremely difficult to do (requires a lot of experience and practice) unless all of the following are true:

  • The recording location is the same
  • The microphone is the same
  • The microphone position is the same
  • You sing / play from the same position (relative to the room and microphone)
  • You sing / play at the same volume, with the same expression and timbre.

If any of these “environmental” factors are different, then there will be subtle differences in timbre / reverberation / room tone, that even a highly experienced studio engineer may struggle to match.

On the other hand, if everything is the same, then it should just require a little tweaking of volume / Eq or nothing at all.

Matching reverberation is particularly difficult, and this can be a show stopper just because you’ve moved closer / further away from the mic.