Matching different musics correctly

I want to do something without spending too much time on int, and get good results.

Let’s say there are two unrelated musics, like one pop music, and a classical music.
Like Felicita, and Egmont.

They have the same rhythm and/or develop in a similar matter, although actual notes, “speed”, style may be
too far from eachother.

Then I want to import both simultaneously , and make their rhythms /melodies match
so when they were played simultaneously, even as a noise it sounds good, and
both musics can be heard separately. One part may match perfectly but at the beginnign and end of the track they
don’t have to match. So it would be a funny surprise music.

I can do it, after spending enormous amount of time.
Is there an easy way of doing it?

How to do it, while listening to one of them slowly, I mark the exact moment where they start matching.
Do it for the second track. Create two times A1, B1. And I create a sequence A2 A3,… and corresponding sequence B2, B3,…

Then speeds of one or both of them are adjusted to match A1 with B1, A2 with B2,…

Any fast and easy way of doing such a thing? Maybe not with audacity, but anything opensource, and
if possible something in the ubuntu repository?


Ok, I import 2 tracks to edit and play them one by one or simultaneously.

So how exactly can I do it?

I mean, there must be an option to select/deselect them.

I tried “SOLO” button, and sometimes it works , sometimes it doesn’t.
For example when even if only one was selected (the other one was darkened),
when I change speed, speeds of both change.

How do I make effects of envelop permanent, during editing?

I mean, I see envelop mountains, and they might be preventing me from
amplifying sound, although highest volume is not high anywhere.

Maybe this is happening because of the first track which has high volume,
but it is deselected, and should have no effect while editing the second track.

Not that I know of.

Not dead. I suspect that the reason for the lack of replies is because there is no way to do what you are asking.

The Solo buttons work as described in the manual: Audio Tracks - Audacity Manual

To change the speed of one track, use one of:

When you “render” a track, track envelopes are “applied” to the track and become permanent. See: “Mix and Render” Tracks Menu: Mix - Audacity Manual)

Thanks a lot.

The magic-word is beatmatching
IIRC there are some free DJ software which do that.

Thanks. And free is not enough, must be opensource, and offline also, at least.

I made some experiments with partial success.

The biggest problem is locating where exactly I’m on the track.

I move the vertical line to start/finish/edit points, and try to read their times.

I can’t easily read them, because there is a triangle just there, at the worst possible place, and with no function,
which basically says, you are here (as if I don’t know) and which prevents me from reading the time.
I move the line a little bit, to be able to guess where I was. Very annoying.
I must be shown in seconds where exactly I’m.
I also don’t like converting minutes to 60 seconds, but this is a minor problem.

Mixxx is open source and has beat matching: