Mastering and shit

I just recorded some vocals over a track, but it sounds kind of loud and the levels are off, i was wondering if anyone could master it for me so it sounds professional? I could send the file of everything, it’s all in one take so its all on one level.

Get back, thanks, Brendan


nevermind I’m doing it now, ***** u ignorant *****s
[Moderator Note: Please mind the language, this is a family rated show]

brenden, the majority of people on this site are new users that have come here for technical support so that they can learn to use Audacity. The few experienced users here that offer help to new users are volunteers, and very busy people. You were not asking a question that anyone could try and help you with, you were asking someone to do a professional job for you - for nothing?.

I am a professional sound engineer, and those are services that I make a living from - I help out here “for fun”. If you were wanting to hire someone to master your recordings professionally, there are plenty of good sound engineers that could do this for you, but the deal you proposed appeared to be one sided and you had no takers. I don’t see why you find that surprising and it is no reason to be abusive. If you get stuck or need any advise/technical support, you are welcome to ask on this forum, but please keep it civil.

you’re right i’m sorry

No problem, I appreciate that it can get frustrating. How re you getting on with your mastering?

good thanks! appreictate the concern, just been adjusting the volumes, normalizing etc, still getting use to it.

If you have sufficient disk space, a useful way to make backups of projects is to use “Save As” and then give it a unique name. If the worst happens and either you or Audacity messes up totally, you have one or more versions of the project that you can go back to. To do this safely you must use the option in Preferences that copies all data into the project.