Master Gain Needed for Mixing / Exporting

Many people need this.


Or at least normalise exports so they are not a distorted mess.
It is not practical nor desirable to adjust many many individual gains when all you want to do is drop the output level to non-saturation.

A critical error should be given when an export or mix saturates.


(And I do love the snap to beats but you must be able to set the tempo without destroying the existing recordings.)

I agree, but there are work-arounds for clipping (saturation).

Audacity uses 32-bit floating point internally so Audacity itself it won’t clip.

You can use Mix and Render, and then run the Amplify or Normalize effect before exporting.

Or, you can export as 32-bit floating-point WAV, re-import and Amplify or Normalize.

If you Mix and Render. Audacity will Show Red for (potential) clipping.

…There are several features common to a multi-tracking DAW that are missing from a simple audio editor like Audacity, and a master level control is one of the “big ones”.

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