Mass installing Audacity using .MSI

Hey guys.

So, I’m going to install Audacity on about 150 computers… doing this manually is quite the pain. I’ve been using something called Microsoft System Center, and from here I can mass install anything, as long as I use .MSI and not .exe (.exe is a real pain). Problem is. I can’t find any .MSI of the newer versions of Audacity.

I can’t seem to find any .MSI packages implemented in the .exe either…

Would be great if you guys could provide some solution to this! I’ll go start my installers now… lol

Thnx in advance!

Audacity doesn’t supply an MSI installer, but apparently there is a “a Group Policy Installation script” that can help:
Note that this is a third party script, so we probably can’t offer much support for it (I certainly can’t because I rarely use Windows, but the instructions included in the ZIP file look to be pretty thorough).

I see. Thnx for the fast reply. Good to know what’s out there :wink:
Well, I ended up making my own MSI package out of it. A little buggy still, but hopefully I get it right in time. Working ok with MSI deployment, but the client won’t recognize it as a finished install (won’t stop loading at the end), but the program is working fine. If I end up finding a suitable and good solution I’ll post it :slight_smile:


Thanks, and yes, please do.