Masking affirmations behind sound



I am trying to create a hypnosis which has affirmations on the left ear channel and one voice on the right ear channel.
It is like a subliminal audio, but in fact it isn’t at the same time.

This text in the picture is from another company that creates these audios and they don’t hide it 20-50 dB behind audios, they blend them in at the same volume as the audio they would hind behind.

How is this possible? Can someone help me?
I’ve seen answers from Steve for subliminals suggesting to use pink noise which works a bit but you kind of have to make the audio you were to hind behind a bit higher than the affirmations themselves, and even then they are audible.

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Masking is the same as drowning-out so if you want to do that, one has to be quieter.

Also, panning one sound to the left or right makes it easier for your brain to separate the sounds and the masking will be less effective (it may not be subliminal and you are more likely to consciously hear it).

If you use File → Import instead of File-Open, you can open multiple tracks in the same project and they will mix when you export.

To the left of the waveform(s) there are sliders for volume and for left-right panning. If you pan one all the way left and the other all the way right they won’t actually be mixed (until the soundwaves mix in the air.)

You’ve scored out the word “patented”, but not to worry: their patent expired a decade ago … US5170381A - Method for mixing audio subliminal recordings - Google Patents

Being granted a patent is not proof of efficacy, (or safety)
US6490999B1 - Collar apparatus enabling secure handling of a snake by tether - Google Patents #

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Well that’s a bit scary how you found out what it was…
How’d you do it?

Yes it doesn’t mean they work but from experience they have worked, but they charge $1500 for a custom program and some they don’t agree to.

Should I be able to create an own audio from that patent or could you maybe help?


constant gain differential between the primary carrier and the subliminal verbiage

Sounds like a description of Ducking.

subliminal-messages | Other by Trebor | Listen on #

Would you be able to create a tape using the method in the patent?
I can pay you.

Here is my project so far but I’m sure it’s not good enough:

I have several of their programs and from using them they use “It’s okay” statements in the right ear.
I can send some over if you agree to it so you can maybe decipher them for easier work, but I warn you to not listen to them since they can affect your thinking and behavior in ways you didn’t plan to.

If they did work, and you played the wrong message, you could get a booby prize …

On a serious note, they’re scamming people who have cancer
Cancer Remission - InnerTalk Subliminal Spiritual Self-Help CD / MP3 – InnerTalk-Store #


I mean they worked in a double blind study according to them and from experience they have worked on me as well, and I’ve tried everything from meditation for several years, affirmations to subliminal audios on youtube and nothing has worked this “strongly”.
Subliminal audios on youtube was dangerous as well since some channels use negative affirmations from what I’ve heard…

But these guys aren’t good people, they use some linguistics that aren’t good long term, in a healing program they put “I release anger” and if you think about it, if you aren’t angry, what’s there to release? You sort of build up anger from nowhere, and maybe it’s an upselling tactic for their anger management programs but they haven’t answered that question.
They also have “We use symbiotic affirmations” in their pdf meaning they can put in more stuff you don’t know and it’s kind of a paradox since that Eldon has books on choice being an illusion in society etc.
And I was going to create a program back in 2022 which cost $1500, and I decided to cancel but they still took $750 for “research” and recording the voices, but when I’ve asked for the recording they supposedly did they said it was “archived” and it would cost more to get it out of there… Really decent people.

Anyway, would you be able to create one using AI text to speech or something like I did on my own project I sent a picture on? I am willing to pay you.

Some of the innertalk message is backwards (reversed) …
I treat myself / I treat my cells.

I would not want to get involved with what is a scam, in part targeted at people with cancer

Yes I understand but that’s the thing, you won’t help them if you help me.

From experience they have worked but it’s not good to use them since some affirmations you don’t really want, i.e getting younger and remembering your youth when it was a traumatizing one, and I’ve told them this too but they just told me to think positively instead.

I have a big project in trading involving a money management that is in need of being used… But I have some issues I need to reprogram and I think this is the best choice in terms of money and time.

Could you maybe still help, or can you guide me where I should seek help for this since they don’t want to create my program anymore?


Unless you have a control-group there’s no way you can tell if a purported treatment works, (you’d also need a statistically-significant sample size: double-blind trial with hundreds of participants).

InnerTalk uses backwards audio, that’s not comprehensible even if played loud & clear …

Subliminal audio messages have no benefit …

I guess it’s no convincing you they work… I can send a program over if you want and you can test it out for yourself.

You seem extremely skilled though and can pull off creating a program using the patent, can you do that or?
It doesn’t have that many affirmations.

The only valid test is a double-blind randomized trial with hundreds of participants.
One person will not be able to determine if a purported treatment works.
some illnesses get better without treatment, unlikely things happen.

True I agree…

Will you help me anyway? Like I said, you seem extremely skilled and I know basically what dB is in audio and the rest is just foreign to me.

Right now I’m using the affirmations synchronized so left and right ear get the same message but different voice and “it’s okay” & “I am” but the statement is the same…
I have tried it but it’s not a good audio at all and I have to use headphones and to use that daily and waste my ears on this instead of good music is, yeah…

You can mask the subliminal information with music. You might have to turn-down the subliminals a bit more and it might be come supraliminal during quiet parts or between songs. So you might want to fade-out or remove the subliminals during those parts, but it would be very time consuming to make enough recordings that you don’t get bored listening to the same song over-and-over.

Or if you don’t mind the subliminals “leaking through” during quiet parts you could use a little inexpensive mixer and to mix full-time with your streaming or whatever else you’re listening to.

Most of use here are skeptics (left-brain technical types, I suppose) so it’s best if you keep the discussion technical.

Or… You can just turn it down to the point where it’s inaudible but still there, and maybe audible if you put your ear next to the speaker, and let the everyday background noise and the limits of your hearing make it subiminal.

Yes I know, thank you.
But I’ve already tried everything and tried different types of drowning noise such as pink noise and brown noise or just water sounds.
And it’s the same as listening to subliminals on youtube which I’ve tried for 2~ years and they did nothing, it was placebo, one day they worked, another day they didn’t.

So if anyone of you can create an audio using the patent I’m willing to pay, you can use AI text to speech that are very human like, because the cost the company wants for a custom audio tape is mostly for recording of the voices which takes 3 days or something they said.

I’m a skeptic also, but I’ve tried meditation, music, subliminals, dietary changes, psychedelics and more and nothing tackles the problem so directly like these audios do, it’s sort of like you become another person as long as you listen to them.

The patent says some of the messages are “backward-masked”, (i.e. played backwards)

Audio played backwards can have unintentional meanings, e.g. …

Alternatively they don’t work at all and the condition is intermittent.

Man who cares if it works? You don’t want to make money?
You seem like someone who can create it using the patent…

And I’m just speaking from experience, I’ve tried many things and this wasn’t placebo.

I might have to just post this on that crazy subliminal reddit page and let those crazy people over there chew this bone and someone might make a guide on how to create an audio using the patent.