marking tracks on a burned music CD

HELP PLEASE! I’ve made a mixed music CD but it plays as one track in my CD player. I know now how to mark tracks on Audacity. What do I need to do to my mix so that I can go to the beginning of any song withing the mix? Does it have to be exported a certain way after I have the tracks marked? TIA

Export the mix as individual songs through the Label method. In your CD Authoring and Burning program, place the sound files in the order needed and then select “No Gap Between Songs.” You know you have the wrong burner if it doesn’t ask you that. The default gap between songs is two seconds and you don’t want that.

That will produce an Audio CD which will play straight through your mix, or allow you to skip forward or back with the player controls.

For these tricks to work well, you need to export the individual songs as WAV, not MP3.

This is the instructions from the manual posting.

Please note if you made a club mix with close timed fades between songs, the best you can do is choose where you want the fade damage to be. You will never get clean switches between individual songs as you step around, although the mix should sound fine.


When I make a CD with crossfades I use a use a [u]Cue Sheet[/u].

You can write a cue sheet with Windows Notepad, and I usually start with a known-good cue sheet and edit it. (Or you can start by editing the above example.)

I’m not sure if all CD burning applications support cue sheets. I use [u]ImgBurn[/u].

Cue Sheet.

Does that get around the crossfade problem, especially if you’re starting with one long mixed song? The master might have speed changes if it was made on a DJ mix console.