Marking Song Boundaries

I’m trying to figure out the pros and cons for marking the song boundaries in a label track.

Is it preferred to start the label region with the first note of the song and end it with the last note of the song or end it with the first note of the next song?

If the former, what happens to the sections between the track labels. Especially when I’m doing something like a multiple export. Do the exported files contain the audio tracks as defined by the labels or does that process do something completely independent of the label track?

Thank you.

I use point labels rather than range labels. When I was transcribing my LPs I used to clean and properly silence the inter-song gaps and in some cases fades were need too. Then I usually settled for a 2 second inter-song gaps with the label 1.5 seconds after the end of one song and 0.5 seconds before the next song.

Your mileage may vary …


If you label using region labels, only the audio for those regions is exported by Export Multiple.