Marking for copy or cut

I have Audacity 1.2.4 and am not real experienced with it. Would have
no problem in upgrading, if that will help.
Would appreciate it if someone could help with some basic questions.
When an audio file is opened and played, the very bottom status bar
shows “Cursor 0:00.000000 min:sec [Snap-To Off]”, and does not change
while playing.
Is there a way to play - pause - mark start position - play from there -
pause - mark new start position - maybe back up slightly -
mark new position - etc. Then do the same ‘iteration’ for an end point
so an exact piece can be copied or cut out?
Thanks in advance!

Make sure that the “End” box is selected and not “Length”.

Use “P” (or the pause button) to pause.
Copy the numbers from the third (position) box into the first (start) box.
Use “P” or the pause button to resume play.
Use “P” or the pause button to pause again at the desired end position.
Copy the numbers from the third (position) box into the second (End) box.

You can fine adjust the start and end positions by changing the numbers in the start and end boxes, or using the “selection” tool. To do it with the selection tool, move the cursor to the edge of the selected section, and it will change to a finger and you can click and drag the selected edge.

Sorry, but i don’t see an “End” box. If a portion of the file is selected, the “status window”
down at the bottom shows selection start, end, and duration, but (it appears) those can’t
be edited/changed. Don’t see how to “Make sure that the “End” box is selected and not “Length”.”

Yes you do - here:

BTW v.1.2.4 is an old version, you should update to v.1.2.6 and/or 1.3.4 (you can have both on your machine at the same time as long as they are installed in different directories, but you should only run one instance of Audacity at a time).

I’m using v.1.3.4, I think this is the same in v.1.2.6, but I’m not sure as I don’t have that installed.

If you click on a number, you can over-type it.

If you have selected
00h:03m:03.978s to 00h:03m:26.424s
and you want to select
00h:03m:03.482s to 00h:03m:26.424s

Click on the first digit that you want to change - 00h:03m:03.978s
Type “4” and the 9 will change to an 4, and the next digit will be highlighted 00h:03m:03.478s
continue typing the 8 and the 2

The old version (1.2.4) that was on my system was the problem. I downloaded
and installed 1.3.4 and all is like you said. Thanks for the help!

Hi I am new to audacity and was looking to figure out this exact thing and I don’t see a start or end anywhere that was being reffered to…and I have 1.2.6

any help how to do this?

thank you very much

I don’t think this feature is in 1.2.6
In Audacity 1.3.4 it is at the bottom.

If you want to try Audacity 1.3.4, just install it in a different folder to 1.2.6, then you can go back to it if you prefer the older version. (1.3.4 installs to a different folder by default).

Note that you can not run both versions at the same time - in fact you should only ever run one instance of any version.
You can open 1.2.x projects in 1.3.x , but you can not open 1.3.x projects in 1.2.x