Marking a single compilation track so that playback software

I used Audacity 2.1.0 for making single track compilation music tracks. Basically I take several tracks and using the great features of Audacity am able to compile multiple songs into a single track so that volume etc is consistent during playback. What I would like to be able to do is somehow mark the beginning of each song in the single track so that I will be able to use the Playback next or playback previous buttons in playback software such as foobar. I apologize if this has been covered somewhere but I swear I did my best to search and find it as this is something I have wanted to do for some time now.

this is something I have wanted to do for some time now.

It’s something a lot of people have wanted to do for some time now. You want to make an Audio CD without the CD.

Play > Skip Forward > Skip Forward > Skip Forward > Play > Skip Backward > Play

As you found, there is no generally accepted audio format which does that. You can make One Single Application do that, but you will not be able to ship the show off to someone who doesn’t have that app. Further, there’s almost zero chance your Personal Music Player will work.

I think the closest we ever came is making a “fake” video. Say, a still picture of the singer for ninety minutes and all the songs are “video chapters.” Most video players let you skip “video chapters” and in this restricted case, that lets you skip songs.

Then all you have to worry about is the video format wars. Windows Media versus QuickTime.

Piece o’ cake.


I will give that a try…maybe not exactly what I was hoping for but it’s something. Thanks for clarifying…with all the wonderful features of Audacity I thought there just might be something I have overlooked but at least it’s reassuring that I didnt miss something obvious.

You’re good. Audacity tries to work inside established protocols … and there isn’t one.

You know what you’re supposed to do is create a custom Spotify Playlist, right? They have all those tools.


You can label the start points … Label Tracks - Audacity Manual
And jump to the next/previous labeled point … Label Tracks - Audacity Manual
Playback jumping to next or previous  labeled point.gif
The labels are only going to work on Audacity projects : other software/hardware will not recognize them.

That’s helpful too…not all of the recipients of my compilations have audacity, but my brother who receives them the most does have and use Audacity…thanks!