Mark when speaker changes slides

In Audacity, is there a way to mark the recording, while it is recording, to indicate that a speaker moved to the next slide?

I record lectures and it would be a nice feature for merging the text into the slides after the lecture.

You can use Labels which may be placed on a timeline to indicate a point of interest.

Tracks > Add Label…

My shortcut key is Command-B. Yours may be different.


Thanks Koz,

Not quite what I am looking for.

Ctl-B does give the option to label but, the next Ctl-B does the label at the same point in the timeline unless I left click to the new point. A bit too cumbersome to be effective.

I’m looking for the ability to hit a key combo to mark the point in the timeline when I hit the key combo (i.e. without the need to left click to the current time)

Ctrl+M to add a label (marker) at the current recording position.
You may optionally add text in the label.
Press Enter to close the label.